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Lead with Kindness – And Bet on Yourself
June 1, 2024

In my last blog I talked about being good and levelling up. Ordinarily, I don’t believe that being good is good enough. It can mean settling for work that’s good but not great, stopping short of the finish line when we know that we have more to give, running out of gas because we think it’s time and we’re tired, or not being “all in” with the struggle of doing great work. We’re great at pivoting to something else, again and again, finding distractions from the hard work of creating. I think it also applies to our people skills and leadership, in particular.

Leading a team is challenging. Stepping outside your ego is challenging. But great comes from chemistry and working together. It’s the only way to great, especially over the longer term. I’ve experienced bad leaders, good leaders and great leaders. And I want to be a great one. Purple Office Productions wants to be a great one, internally and externally.

We make a point of leading with passion and persistence, and kindness. We understand that takes purposeful effort. Stephanie has written a ton about putting people first in organizations, and we’ve learned a ton just by working together to squeeze out the absolute best in ourselves as a creative incubator. It takes honesty and a willingness to strive through tears and fears.

Is it all worth it? You bet. As Kobe Bryant said, “Bet on yourself.”

Be absolutely infinite,