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Levelling Up
February 19, 2024

The cacophony of conversation, opinion and fearmongering about the shifting landscape in film and television, and the impact on industry professionals, can be deafening. The concerns are real, and it can be hard to resist going down a rabbit hole of despair about what lies ahead, especially when there are so many outstanding people out of work or struggling to string projects and resources together.

We worry too.

Getting projects made, no matter how great, is a constant challenge. And while there are some adventures we can do without, we choose to seize the opportunity amid the turmoil to rise, evolve, and level up. Succeeding in one of the toughest markets ever makes the greenlight that much sweeter.

Lean in, work hard, be ready. It’s an approach that keeps us moving forward. Small gains turn into big wins, and, as we all know in the creative industry, there’s no end of tweaking. Yet, when we feel the tweaking has reached its creative peak, we find another project worth doing. Those are key words for us: “worth doing.”

I’m developing a series right now that builds on the concept of levelling up. We do it from the youngest age right up to the end, if we’re lucky. We level up our skill set, our experience, gaining wisdom that we actually use in being a better human being, partner, parent. In being good, there is happiness.

In the end, levelling up is more than a strategy for navigating the complexities of the industry – it’s a philosophy for life. It’s about pushing boundaries, exceeding our own expectations, and continuously striving for excellence in every endeavour. The challenges we face today are but invitations to rise, transform, and contribute to the industry in ways we’ve only begun to imagine. And so, we forge ahead, guided by an unwavering commitment to creativity, innovation, and the indomitable spirit of storytelling.

Be absolutely infinite,