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Pincushion Girl

In Development

YA comedy-drama series.

10×30 minutes. Live action.

A smart, courageous “plus-size” teen follows her dream to become an haute couture designer for all shapes and sizes, creating positive change in the lives of others and growing into her true self along the way.

Clown School

In Development

Comedy-drama. Live action.

10 x 30 minutes.

Clown School is a fresh comedy-drama series about a woman who refuses to live a conventional adult life. Instead, she insists on living as her clown alter ego, existing fully in the moment and from her heart, laughing and loving and saving the day.

Blanket & Pillow

In Development

2D animated preschool series.

78×7 minutes.

Security objects, like blankets or pillows, can help young children make the emotional transition from dependence to independence. In this series these security objects come to life!


In Development

3D animated preschool series.

78×7 minutes.

Having a meltdown?  Feeling sad?  Scared?  Don’t know what to do? Don’t despair!  You have the EMT on your side!


Purple Office Productions plays on the alchemy of its co-creators, Cheryl Hassen and Stephanie Nickerson. They combine the elements of imagination and creative vision with a raw honesty and authenticity to form original, well-crafted dramatic, comedic and documentary stories in which audiences see themselves, their beauty, and, in its extreme, the ridiculousness in our lives. The goal is always the same: to reveal, inspire, laugh, accept, let go, and feel changed by the incubated experiences we create.

Cheryl Hassen

Co-founder and CEO of Purple Office Productions, Cheryl is a former broadcast executive and experienced executive on the independent production side. Cheryl was COO and Executive Producer at DHX Media and served as Creative Head of Children’s and Youth Programming at CBC Television. She has also produced and directed three documentaries. Her first short film, Change You, won numerous film festival awards, including a Oaxaca Film Festival award. In A Cobweb, her first feature documentary, was picked up by CBC’s Documentary Channel. Cheryl has been an executive producer, producer, director and award-winning showrunner, shepherding a number of series, documentaries and live performances.

Stephanie Nickerson

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Purple Office Productions, Stephanie is an experienced writer, editor and storyteller with more than 25 years of experience. She’s an award-winning playwright, and others have won awards for words she has penned in their name. Stephanie earned a BA in Drama from Bishop’s University and an MA in Text and Performance Studies from King’s College, University of London in conjunction with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She is also the President of snedits inc., a boutique communications consulting company.


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